SAP Adapter for Unix?

Hello All,

Is there any SAP adapter for Unix available? I am having sap adapter for windows and working on it. But i need to connect SAP adapter running in Unix to SAP server runnig in Tru64. If anyone installed SAP adapter for unix, please send the installable to [EMAIL_ADDRESS_REMOVED_BY_SITE_ADMINISTRATOR] or provide the url where i can download unix version of SAP adapter.

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All downloads that your company has licensed are available in the SW Downloads section on Advantage.

Please login to

After logging in, please select the “Downloads for webMethods Integration Platform x.x.x” link for your version of webMethods.

You’ll see a section titled “Individual Downloads”. Look for the appropriate SAP Adapter in this list. You can check in the Installation Guide to find the supported platforms.

Nathen Harvey
Advantage Program Manager