SAP Adapter (Duplication of Listener notifications due to mu

Hello all,
We currently work with webMethods SAP Adapter 6.5.0 Fix 4.

As our Quality SAP and Production SAP servers have many instances (1 central instance and N Application systems), we have been forced to create many SAP Listeners in SAP adapter to listen all Gateway Hosts impacted…

Then, as we use a lot of outbound message from SAP, we have a lot of SAP listener notifications (RFC or IDoc) (* (N+1) )

We need to maintain for each listening message, as many litener notification as we have instances for each system.

It is very borring and time wasting… we think. Does it exist another solution ?
(not optimal configuration ? solution include in a new SP for the SAP adapter ?)

Example for our production system : 4 listenrers :

Gateway Host : BLVSAPECC37
Gateway Service : sapgw01

Hi jccarret,

we are having the same problem. We have 5 connection and for each connection a listener. So we also had to create the same listener notification for every listener. Indeed this is very boring and time wasting.

So I was looking for an other solution. I created a routing notification which uses the SAP internal listener. (Adapter notification > SAP Adapter > Routing Notification > select > select service to execute).
I specified following field:

  • SENDER: * (this is the wildcard)
  • RECEIVER: CRM_01 (this is the program_id from the listener)
  • MESSAGE: nameOfIdoc or nameOfInboundRfc
    Now it doesn’t matter anymore from which listener it comes.

Hopefully this can help you. If you found a better/other solution please let me know.