SAP Adapter - duplicate documents

Currently in a WebMethods service the following component is used to send an IDOC to an SAP system: to partner manager to route to SAP)
no value is set for $tid or $action.

On occasion a failure will occur (for instance, due to a network issue) and the service is resbumitted from monitor. Unfortunately, and this is the problem; SAP had already received the document and a duplicate document is created.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, was there a resolution. I’ve been reading about the “carry forward flag”, but not sure it is applicable in this case.


Hi ewonka,
to avoid this problem, you have to use the Service “” and keep that TID in your application. Then pass it to ALE:OutboundProcess. If everything was ok, you can afterwards delete the TID from your application and also call “” to delete the TID from the SAP database. If a failure occurs, keep the TID (and DON’T call confirmTID…!!) and use it again, when you retry that IDoc. This way the R/3 system will recognize any duplicates and ignore them.

Regards, Lanzelot