SAP Adapter 65.


We recently migrated our code from SAP 4.6 to SAP 6.5 adapter and we are using following options to receive SAP IDOC’s in our different integrations.

1) [SIZE=2]ALE Listener Notification (asynchronous) - [/size]Handles incoming IDocs asynchronously.

[FONT=Tahoma]2) [SIZE=2]Routing Notification (synchronous) - [/font]Is used by the adapter to route all incoming requests that are not mapped to a service[/SIZE]

And based on the testing we identified, Option2 is taking more time to complete the request compare to Option1

Is there any fix available to resolve this performance issue. Can you provide your suggestions.

Environment: webMethods 7.1.1 / Windows 64 bit.


Hi Arul,

Yes there couple fixes for SAP Adapter 6.5 we got some issues around Idocs showing wrong processing time and it is throwing null for all the transactions after applying fix both problems are resolved.

u can try applying fix for your problem.


Hi Jsree,

Could you please let me what are those fix’s to be done.


Hi, Can you please tell what kind of approach you followed to migrate from SAP Adapter 4.6 to 6.5 - manual migration or auto migration ?

Pls share your experience…


We followed a manual migration as some folks told there are various issues with auto migration feature esp with Notifications, listeners,cleaning depecrated services etc…and some manual intervention definetely required.


Initially, it throwed some errors because of inactive SAP connections, which is solved now…

At this point, i got the below message without any errors…

SAP Systems …
… Updated 10 of 11 items.
SAP Listener …
… Updated 18 of 26 items.
Routing Notifications …
… Updated 0 of 0 items.

But i found the Connections and Listeners are getting created inside a package which i did not mention anywhere… Not sure why it got created there…

Notifications are not updated…

Also, one BAPI service got converted to BAPI adapter… Other are not… whereever / service invoked, ‘not found’ message appears in the pipeline as they didnt get converted…

do you have any idea about this behaviour…

I have not dealt with auto-migration…so i am not sure how its behaviour.So it’s worth to take techsupport help to get faster resolution…May be auto-migration might help 50% effort help and remaining update/corrections is manual effort??

There is some progress with minor issues from my end… Will keep posted…