SAP Adapter 4.6 - From where to download this ?

Hello There,

I am currently using webMethods IS 6.5.
I want to download and install the SAP adapter 4.6 on IS 6.5

I tried to locate the downloadable files for SAP adapter 4.6 on have the license). But i could only find SAP Adapter 6.5 but not 4.6.

Can anyone tell me how and where do i get the SAP adaptor 4.6 installer files ?

Any help is appreciated.


In Advantage, click the SW Downloads | Download Products item from the top menu. In the Software Download Center page, click the webMethods Integration Platform 6.1 link. Then click the SAP Adapter (v4.6) link under the Products List. Lastly, click the webMethods SAP Adapter - v4.6 (Download) link under the Product Items heading.

Thanks for the reply. I clicked on the link you provided.
But i got following error, even though i entered my login :


You don’t have permission to access /dnld/B2BProduct/Adapters/SAPAdapter/v46/ on this server.

Can you help me on how to get ?


Hey reamon,

I just modified the link with my username. And it worked …

THanks a lot man for helping me …


Hi Reamon,

Thanks again for sending me the link for SAP Adapter 4.6. But i am now stumbled over the next requirement i.e. “wmPartner” package. Once again i am not able to find it on the

Can you send me the link to that package also ?

In your previous mail, you mentioned the link "Software Download Center page >> webMethods Integration Platform 6.1 >> …"

When i go the “Software Download Center Page”, i only see “webMethods Fabric 7.0” and “webMethods Fabric 6.5”, no other links.

I am puzzled to know that you are able to see that link but its not visible to me.

Is there anything need to me done to see other versions also ?


Hey Reamon…
I was able to get to the wmPartner’s page by modifying the link that you sent yesterday.

But, I am still puzzled to know that you are able to see that link but its not visible to me. Do you know why ?

Thanks again …:slight_smile:

It is probably a licensing issue. If you didn’t have a license for 6.1 you probably cannot see the download options. Contact your wM sales rep to see if they can help resolve that.

What SAP adapter should we be using with IS 6.5? Should we use 6.5 or 4.6?

I’d say wMSAP v6.5 on an IS v6.5.
My two cents.