SAP 6.5 RFC notification listener


I am using SAP Adpater 6.5 RFC notification listener.
I am facing the following issue when the schema of RFC is changed on SAP side.

Initially when I configured the RFC Listener, with the then existing schema adapter was working fine. But now the sequence of the schema(order of fields) has been changed on SAP side. And now when I try to reload/re-create the notification I am getting the notification request document structure with old sequence only. I tried deleting DDI-Cached Structures/Functions,triggers, Associated Broker Documents, but in vain.

Could someone please help me.


We have also faced the same problem. As clearing the DDIC is also required when schema at the SAP side changes. But have you recreated your Canonical Doc in webMethods developer using the new schema,if not then delete the old DTD and create it using the new schema provided by SAP.