SAP 6.5 Adapter Connection Error


I am trying to configure a connection with SAP 6.5 adapter. I have provided all the connection details required. When I try to enable the connection it throws the following error.

"Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource sap65:connNode_test1.[ART.118.5068] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Exception encountered processing enable connection callback$Client: method getConnectionHandle()J not found"Could someone please help on this.Thanks,Phani

I am facing same problem.
I tried to unregister sapjcorfc.dll. It gave me error that no entry point found. That means this dll is not registered. Then I tried to register this dll. Again I found error that dll is loaded but entry point not found so cannot register this dll.
Please help me. I am using windows server 2003 R2

Did you put this sapjcorfc.dll in the Webm_home\IntegrationServer\lib\sapjcorfc.dll and restarted IS? Also check whether the WmSAP package loads fine and you should see the above entry in the WmSAP Adapter homepage details section.



Addition to RMG, Downaload correct dlls from SAP Market place. Check if 64 bit or 32bit dll which suites your Server requirement.