[SAP.102.9000] JCo error: com.sap.mw.jco.JCO$Exception

Hi All,
We are getting the below exception when sending SYSTAT IDOCs from webMethods to SAP system via this pub.sap.transport.ALE:OutboundProcessListener service. It was working fine initially with less number of transactions and now SAP team sent more than 10,000 IDOCs and Iam not sure whether this caused issue.

[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service pub.sap.transport.ALE:OutboundProcess.
[SAP.102.9000] JCo error: com.sap.mw.jco.JCO$Exception: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: Lock table overflow

SAP Adapter details:
Adapter version: 6.5.0
Fixes:WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1_Fix14 and WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1
IS: 7.1.2 & Java Version 1.5.0_15 (49.0)

Please let us know as what caused the issue and help us in fixing the issue.

Datta :frowning:

Hi Experts,

Please help me. I am surprised to see no one replying…is that no one has faced this issue or no one knows the resolution. Also there is no error reference guide that has enough description about SAP error codes and reason why it occurs. The error reference guide that is available on advantage site does not have SAP Adapter error codes.


Hi All,

Please help me as what to do on the above issue pls…:shock:
Did any one encounter such scenario


Hi Satish,
RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE means, it’s an error message coming from the R/3 backend. “Lock table overflow” means that the R/3 system is in very serious trouble. The R/3 sys admin needs to fix that!

Best Regards, Ulrich