SAML Single Sign ON

Hi All,

We are trying to have Single Sign On for our webMethods apploication platform for user autherization. Which are the ways to achieve it. LDAP is out scope for us in requirement. Is SAML or OpenID concept helps ??

Please share any references or any thoouughts for me.



See MWS Administration documentation for how to configure SSO-Integration in MWS.
You need to log in to MWS as SysAdmin to configure this.


Thanks Holger for reply,
I have went through the doc and its very helpful. please let me know how to enable SSO at Integration server by using SAML/Okta

Hi Mohamad,

configure the Central Users Management in IS to point to the MWS User Management (known as “system”) and configure the roles with the sso users in MWS. Then assign these roles to the ACLs in IS.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for reply, now i have configured the Okta as guided here

But still am facing an error while resolving to MWS
Error is : 2019-02-19 06:30:47 CST (c.w.p.f.e.i.ErrorManager:ERROR) [qtp587485511-196] [RID:3] - Error in validating SAML Response
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error in validating SAML Response

i cant paste all dump here. I have corrected the SP URI and SSO Url as given in guide. Not sure where is the miss. Please help here