SAML HOK (Holder of key) Consumer webservice webmethods


We are on webMethods 9.8 and we have to call an external webservice which is protected by a SAMLl Holder of Key Policy. I raised a ticket with softwareag and they said out of box is only for provider webservices but no out of box solution for consumer webservices.

Has anyone every called a consumer webservice with SAML HOK policy? Any custom solution implemented would be a great help!


R u getting any error while importing and calling the web service?


Of course. Its says service call is not authenticated, as I am not passing any of the SAML Assertion keys in the security header of the soap envelope. Is there any custom java service, or component available which i can use to simply plug-in the saml assertion into the soap header?

OK. Check the below links ,it may helps you…
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