Same Document structure retained throughout the process mode


The following issue is in wM7 Designer.

The document structure of all my documents is like this:

For eg.,
On the top of the hiearachy there is a document “header”
Inside that I have two documents named “interface header” and “status information”
Inside interface header and status information documents, I have many strings (for eg:order id, product id, etc.,)

The problem I am facing is that in my process model, the same document structure of the one document is getting retained through out the model. When i try to give different transition conditions with fields in various documents, I get the same structure of the document for which the first transition condition is given.

For eg:
receive----->invoke1------>invoke2 is my model.

receive step has doc1 document. invoke1 output document is doc2.
i give a simple transition condition from receive step to invoke1 step. When i try to give a transition condition from invoke 1 to invoke2 with a field in doc2, I get the structure of doc1 inside doc2.

I don’t understand where the problem is. This task is very urgent.
Expecting an immediate reply.


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