Hi All,
I have used the salesforce wsdl file to create web service connectors. The API documentation for version 7.0 specifies the following steps to update an Object.

1.Determine the ID of each object that you want to update. For example, you might call query to retrieve a set of objects (with their IDs), based on specific criteria, that you would want to update. If you know the ID of the object that you want to update, you can call retrieve instead. For information on IDs, see ID Fields.

2.For each object, populate its fields with the data that you want to update.

3.Construct an sObject array and populate that array with the objects that you want to update. All objects must be of the same object.

4.Call update, passing in the sObject array.
5.Process the results in the SaveResult object to verify whether the objects have been successfully updated

I can successfully use the “retrieve” service but while I try to update the Information rerieved using the “update”, I am facing problems.

I could not find any documentation which explains how to create sObject array or just a single sObject as asked in step 3 above.
This is causing problems while calling the “update” service with the results obtained from the “retreive” service.

The message that I get is “INVALID_TYPE: Must send a concrete entity type”

Please let me know as of what is the correct way to use these APIs together.

Thanks in advance.

You need to work with someone in developer support at This is the webMethods user group. While a few of us have done some work with SF, your best bet woudl be to leverage their extensive dev support program.


Thanks Mark, However I had traced the problem. It was a problem with the input to the update web service in webMethods which failed to identify a namespace. The type attribute of the sObject element was prefixed with the xsi namesapce and the serivce was not provided with this namespace.

Once the namespace was entered it worked fine.


Hi abarajithan,

can you provide details on where you needed to enter the namespace ?



Hi Frank,

Go to the docTypes folder and open docTypeRef_ens_sObject document . Here in document properties you get option to change the namespace and it will be avialable in the input of the Soap_update service connector.
There are couple of other changes also required for running the SF WSDL . Let me know if this helps.


Hi Amol,

yes, this has done the trick and now the connectors are working.

Many thanks for your help !!




I have checked all these things. All namespace is matching with input required. But still I am facing the issue. Please let me know what can be the reason.


Can you please post the exact error you are getting ?