Recently, I got some information on SAP HANA. I am impressed with its capabilities. I thought it is best suited to replace the slowness in webMethods by moving from RDBMS and Terracotta to SAP HANA

Your comment(s) on this audacious thought.

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Hi Rankesh,

Few questions :slight_smile:

1> What is SAP HANA?

2> Has any other middleware product has implemented SAP HANA?

3> What are their main capabilities/features?

I am not much aware about SAP Hana… i just went through about Hana page.

Terracotta has in-memory or bigmemory products which can be integrated.
Apama have capabilities of real time analysis.

Also what exactly you mean by slowness in webMethods? which components are you talking about


Thanks for asking.

  1. Please google it for details or read it on
  2. Tibco Analytic product Tibbr / Tableau [Not exactly middleware but part of it]
  3. Same as 1.


webMethods heavily rely on RDBMS for its functioning of reporting [unstructured data] and PRT/TN [Structured Data+Unstructured], which force you to run archive, maintain, monitor DB for performance. [I know a few customers who having tough time in maintaining product databases due to size of data in RDBMS]

This audacious thought came after knowing the capabilities of HANA. My thought process is to build / provide a capability to run webMethods on HANA.

If you read the technical reports of webMethods under Empower > Products & Documentation > Technical Reports. RDBMS is a big bottleneck, [Ref:].
In short: The HQoS tests with small documents (1KB and 10KB) were limited by the database hard disk being overloaded.
For each process instance, all the process-related data (step executions and transitions) had to be stored in the
database. The MQoS tests with small documents (1KB, 10KB, and 50 KB) were limited by the DB server CPU.

Hope I have put my thoughts clearly.

Regarding Terracotta and Apama: They are different products with different purposes.


Okay i got it.

I do have follow up questions, but i think it will be too early to ask those. We all need to understand what exactly HANA has to offer.