SAG EDITOR buffer pool work file open error


Help required on the below error. I am using SMA and went into environment options and get the below error ; Can anyone help me how or where to look for the Console operator log to get more details of the error with the work file.

SAG EDITOR buffer pool work file open error :1:.                  	  
   	The following error has occurred 	                               
                	Error ....: 6504  	       	                  	        
                	Line .....: 890  	        	                  	        
                	Program ..: ZZU1035C 	    	                  	        
                	Level ....: 1  	          	                  	        
                	Status ...: O 	                                     
During SAG EDITOR buffer pool initialization, the first access to   
the work file has failed with one of the following return codes:    
04: Work file cannot be opened or accessed.                         
08: Invalid work file record length.                                
12: Work file I/O error.                 

Ac 	*** Recommended Action ***                                        
   	Check the console operator log for more detailed messages.        
   	Correct the problem with the work file and restart the SAG EDITOR 
   	buffer pool.

Issue the LASTMSG command to see the full message including the return code.

If you don’t know how to see the console log (e.g. using SDSF in ISPF, or from NSPF, …) then you probably
don’t have access to it, you will have to ask your friendly DBA or other system support personnel for assistance.

Thanks Wolfgang Winter.

I have checked the error message using LASTMSG and get the below detail

ZZU1035C 0890 NAT6510 SAG Editor work-file read error 4.
ENMENP01 1235 NAT0917 Error 6504 in Copycode ZZU1035C.
ZZU1035C 0890 NAT6504 SAG EDITOR buffer pool work file open error 4.
SMA0041Wrong input in command line.
SMA0041Wrong input in command line.

Looks like problem during initialization, can restart of the buffer pools help?

You posted the explanation for open error 4 yourself

so no, just retrying it will not help, you will need to find out WHY the work file cannot be opened or accessed

Hi Wolfgang

Thanks for the suggestion.

The issue was

a) The editor workfile was changed and that was the reason for the failure.
b) I have got this changed back
c) Got the SAG editor workfile refreshed, so that initialization happens properly with the right file.
d) This helped to fix the issue.

Anand Bhattad