Running TNConsole on client machine

I am trying to run TNConsole 4.6 on a client machine that has only Developer 4.6 and TNConsole 4.6 installed. I wish to remotely manage TN 4.6 on another machine that has everything installed (Developer, TN, IS, etc).

When I execute TNConsole.bat the screen blips but the program does not start.

I can run TNConsole OK on the second machine.

What components need to be installed on my client computer to run TNConsole to access TN on a second machine?

Have you tried double-clicking on the .exe?

You can try running console.bat from a command line. Edit console.bat to comment out the @echo off line. If there is a problem launching then an error message should be displayed.

  1. Edit console.bat .

  2. Add the following statement as the last line and save.


  1. When you double click on console.bat, the cmd window will stay open and display the reason for failure.

correction: TNConsole.bat, not console.bat


I can suggest you to open console.bat. You can see that there are four parts, how define the classpath. Maybe the path to the jre miss.
Or you must be careful that the ADD_CLASSES have the following information below.

SET CONSOLEDIR=C:\Program Files\webMethods\TNConsole4
SET B2BDEVDIR=C:\Program Files\webMethods\Developer4
SET ADDCLASSES="%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\tspace.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\editn.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\cryptix32.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\cryptix32-pgp.jar;"
SET CLASSPATH="%B2BDEVDIR%\LIB\updateManager.jar;%B2BDEVDIR%\lib\integrator.jar;%B2BDEVDIR%\lib\client.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\console.jar;%CONSOLEDIR%\lib\tnimages.jar;%JAVA_ROOT%\lib\rt.jar;"

Good Luck.

Thanks for the tip on viewing the console.bat file. Since I installed TNconsole from another computer via the network, the bat file was generated with a drive letter of G: (the mapped drive). I changed it to D: (the local drive) and everything worked ok.

Thanks again.