Running EJB Adapter6.0 - HP Unix - Wm6.5 or Wm7.1

Hi Guys,

I am facing problems while trying to connect through EJB Adapter and make EJB calls, the EJB application is running on the webSphere Application Server(WAS) version 6.0.

I am using webMethods6.5 and webMethods7.1 Integration Server running under HP-Unix.

As per my understanding and the documentation, connect to IBM WAS server I have to run the IS using IBM JVM.

Is anyone can help me in getting the IBM JVM for HP-Unix? or are there anyways to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance…

Venkatesh S

You can download IBM JVM as per your OS from IBM website a search in it and it will take you to that spot.

Even we use IS6.5 with IBM JVM1.5 (ibm_jdk1.5.0\jre) on windows to talk with WMS system via some custom adapter…not a EJB Adapter though.