Running DB Configurator against Oracle DB using ASM possible?

I am currently trying to prepare an Oracle Database (which uses ASM for the Tablespaces) for our new wM 10.11 production.

Which tablespace directory needs to be specified in this case in DB Configurator when using automatic Tablespace and User creation?

@ Holger von Thomsen could you please help on this

for Index and Data

yes while runiing db configurator we would be supplying table space directory along with db credentials in addition to custom table space names,so for Oracle ASM based storage db team has given directory structure-+DON_DATA/DEVON/’s throwing below error,when supplied in the tablespace directory of the db configurator,

Hi Sangamesh,

can you try with tabelspace directory as “+DATA”?
The database itself will then translate this to the correct path on the ASM disks internally.
This worked for my Oracle Databases which are already using ASM.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your worked.

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