Run time Cache of Service flows

Can anyone tell me how the services are stored at runtime? I assume they are resident in memory for purposes of efficiency.

We have a situation where it looks as if a web service invocation in a service flow is still behaving as if it was being mapped according to an earlier version of the service. The design time view of the service looks correct, but the run-time result is not.

Is there some sort of service cache (specifically for services, not the results of service execution) that could cause such a problem. If there is, is it possible to flush it?

There is a ‘cache results’ property while creating a flow service which can be set to ‘true’ or ‘false’. Default it is set to ‘false’.

If this is set to true, the service input and output will be cached in memory for the first time. Next run if the service is invoked with the same inputs, the output will be taken from the cached memory. The cache expire will maintain the time the results to be cached.


Caching may be one reason, but the standard cache times are quite short. If cache is active you should check if you really use it anyway, as caching may cause other problems as well.

How did you deploy the new service? A package needs to be releoaded to reflect changes made on disc. If you used deployer or install inbound release, webMethods takes care of that.

Unfortunely, I didn’t deploy; it’s handled by a 3rd party outsourced AMS provider :frowning:

You’re not going to be able to simply change the stuff on disk and expect it to magically pick up the changes.

If you’re doing webMethods deployments you have the following options that are going to work:

  • WmDeployer
  • package export/import functionality
  • CrossVista TEAM Server (3rd party deployment tool)

You could look to automating the above via scripting for your automatic system, but don’t do the file system level stuff.

Nathan Lee