Run a process via REST API

Hello together

I am a Student and new to webMethods.
I use webMethods for my thesis and I do not come on with some questions.
My question is:
Is there a option to launch a process in webMethods via REST API?
For example:

  1. I model and deploy a bpmn process from SAG-Designer
  2. Then in my custom UI i have Table with all processes if I select a process it should send a Request to start this process and get all contents of the actuall steps.

Is it possible if yes please show me an example or a link to find it.
I am thankful for every help.


So you have a Custom UI in a separate application where you make REST calls to the Integration Server and you need a REST API to:

  • get a list of processes
  • start a process
  • get the list of executed steps, and their pipelines

I simpliest way is for you to create you own API (as REST resources) in the Integration Server exposing the process engine and monitor services in a controlled manner.

Is this information enough to get you started?

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Thank you very much. That is how I meant it.
I’ll try so and later I will write feedback whether it worked.
Thanks a lot.

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