Rules has been defined but not triggered

I am using webMethods 7.1 and i have created a rule.
Rule expression is

(Broker/BrokerStats.NumEventTypes by Broker/Reading_Value) > (93)

where eventtypes or documenttypes are 92 in system…so according to my understanding whenever a document is published on broker this rule should be voilated and triggered the appropriate action…but currently it is not.
Please suggest me the appropriate action step to take.



92 + 1 > 93 ??? :eek:

What’s the question again? Can you be a bit more clear. Also, are you confusing Event TYPES with the actual runtime events that are published?
Or, Are you looking for a rule on Event TYPES that are defined in your Broker VS. the number of Events that are published?

Thanks for replying…let me tell you the actual scenario that i want to implement…
i want to monitor all the events that are published and i want to trigger a webservice on publishing of a particular event(Document type).i want to create a rule which will trigger the webservice whenever that event is published…so as a beginner i tried to create a rule and trigger an action against that but i am still not able to trigger that rule…so can u help me in triggering a rule?
let me know if further clarifications is required.


If you want to trigger an action, whenever an event is published, simply subscribe to that event from Broker.

Manager will only perform the action, when a rule is satisfied over a specified interval(eg. Num of Events published in 5 mins, or current Event Queue size etc.). I don’t think you can do this for each event.