RSS feed error on .view page


Im trying to implement a .view page with a rss reader. The reader is inside a form.
I’m getting the error

POST http://eviand01:8585/ResourceTest/cststatus.view

__fc = jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table:refresh-feed
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__create = 
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__move = 
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__delete = 
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__update = __row,__row,__row,__row,__row,__row,__row,__row,__row,__row
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__first = 0
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__rows = 10
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__sort = published-
jsf:htmlForm:newsfeed:table__selection = selected:
com.sun.faces.VIEW = ...
jsf:htmlForm = syxnOJ1zAcE=
__vf = jsf:htmlForm
wms.hiddenRequest = true = shell.blank
wms.replaceForNextUrl = hiddenRequest=&shell=&layout=&portlet=

500 Internal Server Error

<title>Error 500 Internal Server Error</title>
<h2>HTTP ERROR: 500</h2><pre>Internal Server Error</pre>
<p><i><small><a href="">Powered by Jetty://</a></small></i></p>


dont know why… I pass the RSS url for example Pplware and it gives the error on refresh or checking the details of the news…

Have anyone had this problem ??


I’d recommend checking the server logs to see why it returned a 500. Also, if you want, you can post the web app (or a sample) and i can have a look.

Here is the source code.
Its just a simple rss reader, used it out-of-the box, dont understand why it gives errors…
cststatus.view (2.64 KB)

That feed worked for me. I still think there must be some information in the server logs. Maybe your environment requires a java proxy setting?

You could refresh the feed pressing the refresh button and see the details of each feed?

That’s correct. I can view all the available stories as well as click the refresh button and read some more.
I’ve attached the sample web application project that i tested with.

–ark (9.61 KB)