RPG vs MSG Is there a concrete deifference for WM

I am curious if anyone has any insight and/or concrete facts as to why someone would create wsdls in webMethods using the SOAP message processor (MSG) vs. using the much easier to create wsdls using the SOAP rpc processor (RPC). I have heard something about complex document types as inputs causing problems with RPC, but was wondering if someone had something to add. Thanks for your help!

Hmmm. RPG, now I haven’t heard that used in the technology world since my last AS/400 project about a decade ago. Since I don’t think you are really interested in comparing weaponry commonly used by terrorist insurgents in Iraq to document/literal Soap messages, I’ll assume you meant Soap RPC style web services.

See my blog entry “Literally a Pain In The Neck” for some comments on the RPC vs. MSG topic.