RPC style & WS-Security


I've searched the forum for something related to having WS-Security and using the RPC style. I have just found info about suggestions on how to approach it using custom SOAP Processors, but not for having to send requests to a 3rd party WS using that combination.

So, I’m wondering if there is a work around to acomplish this in IS 6.x since the soapRPC service doesn’t allow to pass any header (or am I missing something?). I believe the 3rd party WS’s are only using UsernameTokens (not signning nor encrypting) and though my client is weighting the possibility on migrating to IS 7.1, they have been posponing it for more than a year and a half due to elevated costs on the testing side. In the meanwhile, there are some projects requiring the use of WS-Security which can’t wait for wM to be upgraded.

Any suggestions on how could this be sorted out? We’re still using IS 6.1 but I would believe anything done on 6.5 could be replicated in 6.1, at least in this matter, is it not? Thanks.

Best regards,
Brian Ponce