RPC Error Loop

Hi. I have services (RPC) defined with 8 tasks. Sometimes most of them show the following message: NAT9969 NATURAL ESCAPED FROM ERROR LOOP - NATSRVD 1950 NAT6978. I cancel the RPC service and restart it again in order to clean and activeta all threads. What could cause this?, is there a way to stop the service withou cancel command (it’s a started tsak). Thanks.-

You received a NAT6978 in NATSRVD line 1950. NATSRVD is an system routine of RPC.

NAT6978 means (help on 6978):
Version error on :1:, reason :2: :3:.

Tx *** Short Text ***

Version error on …, reason … …

Ex *** Explanation ***

Reason: 1: Version of Natural nucleus and version of SYSRPC do not
agree. After the reason, the current version and the
required version are indicated in the message.
2: Server does not support this version.

Stopping the server after this error I don’t think is necessary. After this error the server task must be gone automaticly!

Generally stopping a server is possible via “Command and Information Services” which can be performed from Control Center or SMH.

It is also possible to shut down a Natural RPC Server from SYSRPC or use USR2073N in library SYSEXT.


Hi Mogens, how would I to update the version? and if all tasks in the RPC batch server issue the message, the user will receive the service not registered or service not active, at least in my installation isn’t automatically restart

Sorry Mogens, thanks a lot.