routing notifcation is not invoking..

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We have SAP routing notification and ALE Listener notification for same Idoctype (DELVRY03).

Whenever DELVRY03 IDoc send from SAP, always invoking ALE/Listerer notification and publishing DELVRY03 Idoc. But it is not invoking routing notification.

Note: we had 2 routing notification for Delvry03 Idoc for diff partners. Now we introducted ALE Listener adapter notification for the same IDoc type, which created this issue.

Please advise how to resolve this issue.

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Any clues to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance!

Any suggestion how to resolve this issue?.. Looking for your reply…

Thanks in advance.

  • Arul

Hi Arul,
your issue is resolved ?Am facing issing the other way around. For me my routing notifiction is called properly but not ALE Listener notification(Async)…

Whenever a message is sent from SAP its keep looking for notification but not able to understand the ALE Listener notification. Do u have any suggestions ? below is the error message am getting, [SAP.111.9506] WmSAP Adapter: Missing notification - MsgType: LOIPRO (SW1CLNT100 >> SR1CLNT110).


yes. my issue is resolved. As software AG confirmed, ALE Listener notificaiton always over precedence to routing notification. So ALE Listener notificaiton invoked first.

Sheeja, Make sure the Listener notification is configured properly your Idoc Type. For example, if your Idoc is extended from the standard Idoc type then you have to include that extension name in CimType during Listener notification creation.