Issue with Routing Notification


We are using Routing notification by which SAP sends IDOC to webMethods. The issue we are facing is when IDOC is published from SAP it fails in Communication Layer. The error being generated is "[SIZE=2]
The meta data for the IDoc type “ORDERS05” with extension “ZPURORDER05” not found"…

So considering authorization issue we had got the all the authorization objects from S_IDOC_ALL to the user which is being used by webMethods to connect to SAP system.

SAP Adapter: 6.5

Any suggestion would be appreciated as its a very ctitical issue.

Can you confirm are you using Routing notification or ALE Listener Notification?

Routing Notificaiton - it will invoke service, once receive Idoc in wM
ALE Listener Notification - it will publish IDoc, once receive Idoc in wM.

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Hi Siti,

  1. Check if your Connector is enabled,RFC Listener is enabled.
  2. The Connection Alias in Connector should be mentioned in Repository
  3. Check whether SAP Adapter > Lookup shows SystemID as ‘R/3’ in drop
    down list or which ever is your SAP system and in IDoc By Name type in
    your IDOC Type say ORDERS05 which is termed as Basic Type in SAP check
    whether you are giving the same name as Basic Type exposed by SAP team.

Note: SAP MessageType and Basic Type are different.

If every thing is fine, delete it and re-create it again.
Hope this helps.


Hi, We experienced the same issue recently. The outbound Idoc from WM to SAP was WMMBID01(IDOCTYP) ZEWMMBD2 (CIMTYP). When we looked up this IDOC in SAP, it was setup as WMMBID02(IDOCTYP) and ZEWMMBD2 (CIMTYP). We changed our IDOC header to reflect the SAP settings and it started working. We did not see any more errors.

Hi I am trying to post an IDOC into SAP ECC 6.0 and i am getting the following error:
The metadata for IDoc of type “DELVRY01” could not be found in repository with system id xxx.

Did anyone face this issue before, if yes, whats the resolution for this problem.
WM Env : Adapter 6.5, Developer 7.1.2
SAP Env : SAP ECC 6.0.

thanks for the help in advance.

Try for the previlleges for the user which you use in webMethods to connect to SAP.

Lets say you have one RFC Connection created on webMethods with User ID USER1.

USER1 should have enough previlleges in SAP to fetch the Metadata of the given IDOC and load it into webMethods Server Cache.

Hi Siti,
Yes we tried giving full authorization to the user. i.e SAP_ALL authroization.
Still doesnt work.

we are also not seeing Sender, REceiver and message type on the Transactions screen when we receive idoc from SAP, and so its getting rolledback.

Any suggestions plz ?

Thats expected…You can’t see details in transaction as it is not becoming transaction…I can suggest you one more thing…Go ahead and create a Connection,Listener,Notification in your local system…Then ask SAP team to post an IDOC