Routing Idocs between two EAI%b4s


I have one Server running IS 6.1 and one with an old SAP BC.
I receive an IDOC on the 6.1 Machine from an SAP System.
On the SAP BC there should only be a routing rule which sends the IDOC to another SAP System.
How Can I set up the routing between the two EAI Servers?
Will I have to encode the IDOC to XML and create a new Service on the BC to decode it and send it inbound to SAP?
Or is there any better way?


Interesting and you will have some work around to accomplish this,since connecting to 6.1 to BC (outofbox).
That is the only way for you converting IDOC to XML and do post to a service on SAP BC that internally decode it to IDOC and send it to SAP or else if possible do a remote invoke from BC to 6.1 and processes the output to SAP.