RouteXml hanging issue


I am trying to submit edidata to TN by passing the edidata to the node object in the routeXml service. It is getting hanged in routeXml especially in the recognize service inside the routeXml. The edidata contains a valid 997 data as a string and the corresponding EDI doctype are installed in TN.

We are using IS 4.6. And we are actually connecting to a a server hosted in US from India.

Any inputs/thaughts would be appreciated.


As long as you are passing “edidata” variable and made ready for posting it to TN,there is no need of explicit mapping of edidata to the node of routeXML can just leave with out mapping and run it a shot.

or else try making edidata to Node using (stringToDocument)and use routexml,even this will also help


Thanks for your inputs. But atlast I found the reason the hard way. The receiver id in the 997 was having one extra blank making the length to 16 instead of 15 !!!.

I was expecting the wM to give me an error mentioning that , but :frowning:


Great you found the problem.

My inputs were based on as you said about edidata contains valid 997data.