RosettaNet Pip One Action issue: can't receive ACK


 On my test webMethods server, two trading partners join in a RosettaNet conversation to simulate the pip one action conversation. I run the entire testing on one computer running a single installation of the Integration Server, MWS, Trading Networks, Designer, webMethods RosettaNet Module, Monitor.
 After triggering a 3C3 conversation, on MWS Process Instances tag, the initiator's side has been waiting for the fulfiller's ACK and is finally failed with below exception:

“[530]2020-05-25 15:01:49 CST [ISU.0000.9999I] Estd_1590390109028;Proxy=Estd_1590390109028:com.wm.estd.common.log.EstdLog.log:123: Cannot execute the asynchronous request Reason:com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.RosettaNetException:[PRT.0101.9306] Correlation field Sender does not exist in published document ReceiptAck--------------”.

On the fulfiller side, the state of 3C3 conversation is completed and ACK has been sent back to initiator's side successfully.

My webMethods version is 9.12 and I have installed below fixes:


I have attached screenshots of the exception, Please advise how can I resolve the problem, thanks.


can you provide the RNO of the ack?

reading this error line:
Correlation field Sender does not exist in published document ReceiptAck--------------

Either the Sender in ack is not populated, or the Sender is not configured in the receiving system.

Hi, Tong:

The attached file is the ACK from the fulfiller’s side, please help to check if anything is lost, thanks.


Fulfiller_ACK_RNO.txt (6.02 KB)

It will be difficult to find the issue.
Review all fields in ServiceHeader, cross check with the receiving system, see if they match with your settings.

These field:

Invoice Receiver --> doesn’t look like a valid value

Invoice Provider --> doesn’t look like a valid value

try value: Seller, Buyer

Hi, Tong:

I found the cause of this problem, as shown in the screenshot(PipOneActionInitiator_Correlation_Field.png), this is because I used a “Sender” field in correlation when building the PipOneActionInitiator model, but I did not assign a value to this field in the flow service.
If the correlation is set to “Not Used” in some steps of the model, the warning information as shown in the screenshot(warning_on_building_without_correlation_Field_or_Service.png) will appear during building of the process model. I’m not sure what the purpose of correlation is, for PipOneAction process, can’t we associate a conversation through conversationId? Can you advise how should I use correlation field or correlation service, thanks.


Can you review if you need to use “Intermediate Message Catch Event”?
What are the “Intermediate Message” in your model?
my single action model doesn’t use them, so, no need to have correlation.

Noted, I don’t use “Intermediate Message Catch Event” in the model, so I don’t need to have correlation, very thanks for your help.