RosettaNet Outbound Pip 3A8 PO Request

I’m creating a Pip 3A8 PO Request from data that comes from our backend applications. The problem is that some of the fields that I get from the backend application have spaces. Before I map these fields, the spaces are trimmed and then I map to the Pip. When these fields are mapped to the corresponding Pip tags (these Pip tags are under a Non required Group) the tags shouldn’t be created, but they are with a value of null. We are using the Pip structure and schema that was created from the dtd. The group(s) that are giving me this problem are non required according to these structures.

If anyone has any idea how I can fix this, I would appreciate any help.

   Thanks, Fernando


As you have found out when you map something to the PIP structure regardless if what you’re mapping is blank (null) or not it will get mapped. I’d suggest in your mapping first check to see if it’s null before you map it over to the PIP especially since it’s not mandatory.


A lot of the fields that we map are non-mandatory, I didn't want to check all these fields individually for nulls. I was looking for an easier way to do this.   Thanks

Hi, we received fix IS_4-6_Fix45 from wM support.

This fix addresses the following issues:
(1-78IV4) recordToDocument generates invalid empty tags

using recordToDocument service with the generateRequiredTags flag set to false, but still getting empty tags generated, that is an opening tag followed by a closing tag.

Maybe you need the same patch?


Thanks for the info. I'm running IS 6.0, but maybe there is a fix for 6.0 as well. I will check it out.

Hi Fernando,

   If you don't want to  map null values to target, You have to 

select map then right click on it.You will get link properties

window.In that window you select General button check Copy Only If

box.Bottom that box you have to specify ex:%Samp% <> null.

it works fine check it.