RosettaNet Large Document Handling for Pip 5C1

I’ve been trying to use getNodeIterator and getNextNode to process a Pip 5C1. There are two sections of the Pip that could be considered large :
1 :Pip5C1ProductListNotification/EligibleProductList/CoreProductInformation 2 :Pip5C1ProductListNotification/EligibleProductList/DeviceProductInformation.

I’ve been able to process the 1st one using just CoreProductInformation as the criteria value.
For the second part of the Pip that can be considered large I can’t use DeviceProductInformation as the criteria value because this name is not unique. There is another DeviceProductInformation group under CoreProductInformation. If I use DeviceProductInformation as the criteria it picks up all the groups with this name.

I tried using the following criteria : Pip5C1ProductListNotification/EligibleProductList/DeviceProductInformation




None of these worked, getNextNode did not return any node.

If anyone is familiar with Large Doc Handling and Pip 5C1 I would appreciate any help.