Rosettanet Conversation script not found error

I am implementing a single action PIP 3C4 in Wm6.0.1. I have configured sender and receiver profile in TN.
Changes to process models for initator and fullfiller are also done.
I’m able to post 3C4 via HTTP using RNIF2.0.
But at target end I get error conversation script not found.

I tried to debug using savepipelinetoFile and found that sender and receiver ID are getting reversed when
3C4 outbound map is invoked.For the Internal 3C4 TN document its correct but for the external 3C4 PIP document its getting reversed.

At the fullfiller end wm.ip.rn.receive is invoked.
In wm.ip.rn.receive even the document is getting recognised but fails with coversation id not found.

Following are the services at Initator side

get Data from backend
2)Map(hardcode senderid and receiver id and other data)

Outbound Map

  1. wm.ip.util:getBizDocFromEvent (retrieve BizDoc Envelope)
  2. wm.ip.util:recordFromBizDoc (extract the B-E doc content)
    3)Map to PIPdocument
    4)map PIP to document/payload

Please suggest how to resolve this.
Help is appreciated.