Riverse Invoke 7.1 configuration


I’m currently installing a Reverse Invoke box. Unfortunately, references I found are all about 6.x and the wM is no help.

Which component I have to install ? I know I don’t need TN or Broker or such, but what about eStandard ? Any database needed to log something (I guess not).

So, in other words, what is the minimal configuration for a R.I.

How you monitor it (especially about thread consumption) and if it’s thru optimize, which component/configuration did you installed on your RI ?

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In 7.1, its called a reverse HTTP gateway - and all of chapter 15 in the 7.1 Integration Server Administrators Guide is dedicated to it.

Yes, I had a look on chapter 15, but the document doesn’t speak about the minimal configuration to install as well as patch strategy to apply.
As exemple, do I need to apply patch relative the protocols ?

No patches needed…assuming you are on IS