RfcAbort: CheckTID fault:


I have a big problem with SAP: ownRelease620 partnerRelease46C kernelRelease46D
and with SAP Business Conenctor:
ProductwebMethods Integration Server Version4.6 (Standard Encryption) Updates BC46_CoreFix8 Build Number940 + CoreFix 8 [Fixes 1-205 + SP1-3]

The hardver of the BC was broken down two days ago. Since the restart I can not send any IDOC from SAP to BC (any other function, perhaps make RFC to SAP, send IDOC to SAP is working). But the status of every IDOC in SAP are ‘03 - IDoc sent to R/3 System or external program’. And I do not find any failure message on the BC. But if I check the “SAP Log file” of the BC I can see only the following rows:

0106A2 [B2B-SAP.0008.0011] Inbound tRfc: Check 0A83003E1399492D1F6B7EC3
0106A3 [B2B-SAP.0008.0011] Inbound tRfc: Check 0A83003E139A492D10D0DAE3
0106A4 [B2B-SAP.0008.0011] Inbound tRfc: Check 0A83003E139E492D12055FA3
0106A5 [B2B-SAP.0008.0011] Inbound tRfc: Check 0A83003E65E4492D20135D74

There is not any “Inbound tRfc: Execute” or others. I think that BC get the IDOC or TID call (I do not know the mechanism), but after that happens anything wrong.

I found failure messages only in the SAP under the SM58 for every outgoing IDOC by this tRFC target:

'RfcAbort: CheckTID fault:
Message no. SR 053

Has anybody an idea, that what is happening? What is wrong. I can send the same IDOC (or the copy - we19) to other BC without any problem.

Thanx a lot for any help!


Hi Did u find any solution?I am facing the same issue.
Please share the solution.


We overwrote the BC installation with those 1 week old backup, and after the restart it is working now well. So the problem must to be on the side of the BC, but the ground of the failure is unknow still.


Just wanted to add the following in case it proves useful to someone else -

Error RFCAbort CheckTID fault occurred between our 6.5 system and both SAP CRM 4.6 and SAP ECC6 simultaneously. The problem was resolved by shutting down the IS, Deleting the XTNlog file found under wmPartners and restarting the IS.

Trust this will make life easier for someone else!