RFC error logon failure in Business connector

Look like one of the FM is not available in SAP. (Hence the error - RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Function module “#” not found. )


hi bhavani…

As such no function module exists by that name in sap system…it is just an error message thrown from sap to business connector.
there was a server problem around the error occuring time…so is there a possibility of this type of error occuring due to server problem?
also messages sent from external party to sap via BC have not reached at those error timings.
please clarify.
Thanks in advance.

To resolve such problems, one need to implement the Try catch block for the BAPI or FM invocation. the catch block may respond with a “Connection to SAP not available at the moment” message.

Please refer the WmSamples package for the try catch Exception handling procedure.