Reverse invoke setup returning strange error


I recently changed my IS 4.6 based B2B connections to use reverse invoke architecture so that I could move my server with logic inside my intranet.

I followed instructdions in manual and have read comments on this board. I have a problem with my setup.

When I test and send a document, the sending side conversation script hangs at “wait for acknowledgement”. This is because when the document arrives on my receiving end (the one with reverse invoke setup), the document is classified as “unknown” instead of proper PIP2a12 (I’m using rosettanet).

Has anyone experienced this problem or are they aware of any bugs and fixing patches when using reverse invoke on the IS 4.6 platform (with TN 4.6 and RosettaNet 4.6 package). I’ve already installed Services packs 1 and 2.

Hi Hoon,

I am experiencing same problem.
Please let me know solution if you already have solved this problem.

Toshi E