Reverse Invoke from ASPASPNET

I currently have an ASP web application hosted on our webserver in our DMZ. To make calls to webMethods services inside our firewall, it uses reverse invoke. The asp page calls a vb6 DLL (code generated in webMethods Developer) that calls the web methods service.

The problem is that often, it seems that IIS keeps a hold on the DLL and causes the application to fail. When a call is made to the DLL it just times out. Some times it even makes other reverse invoke processes fail.

I’m looking at re-writting the ASP part in .NET, but don’t know how .NET interacts with webMethods services. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I did try the DSP route, but unfortunately has some limitations that won’t work with my application.

I would take a look at exposing your webMethods piece as a web service and then having .Net invoke that. It’s pretty straight forward and the call would be much simpler from the NT world. I believed I have posted an example of a doc/literal web service somewhere here on the forum. It works with .Net (C#).