Reverse Invoke Authorization

We removed our RI connections from one server to another and when the customers tries to submitXML via our XML receive wrapper service they get the following error.

[FONT=Courier][SIZE=2]Probable cause : fail : Error invoking service
[ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied
For more description see delivery task details in TN console.

We do deny by default and just have the list of services that the RI should all to be executed. Is there a problem with the ACL settings on one server or something? I don’t think I’ve seen an “Access Denied” error ever when soemone was submitting through our RI server. Is it a problem on their side? Thanks for any help.

Its weird. Just to see where the issue is I switched it back to the old server and had them resend the orders and everything came in ok. Its definetely something on our side with the authentication. I don’t even want authentication on the RI services because if they submit something Im not looking for then it would just be ignored anyways.