Reverse HTTP Gateway Issue - wM8.2 version

Hi Guys, I have issue with reverse HTTP Gateway.

I have this DMZ server which port configured below:
Gateway External : 8080 → Allow by default
Gateway Registration : 6666 → Allow by default

Internal Server port setup:
Registration Internal : 6666 (Hostname: name of the DMZ server) → Allow by default

My problem now, I cannot execute the sample service i made to log message in the internal server.

I’m trying to run this one in the browser to execute the service but no response returned

I tried to run this using the primary port in the internal server it’s working well.

please need your help guys

Both RG and IS are version 8.2?

Also does the port 6666 showing the RG server ports section and all ports in enabled state?

Please check the error/server logs also on both the servers see anything you find missing configuration etc…


Yes, they are both in vesion 8.2.

yes, they are all enable with green icon check. I don’t see any logs in both side.

I am not sure what could be wrong…

Also 8080 is widely used port may be can you try with another port on RG and establish connection?

Can you try restart both the servers after the configuration?

If yes then can you contact SAG support on this and update this thread back as it sounds some thing their hand required to troubleshoot?


I have the similar problem in version 8.2, because we installed the different fix for the two IS, after we installed the same fix, it works fine.


Can you please tell us what was the fix level you installed?


Now we are using IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix5


You’re right, IS, build # and core fix version must be same between RG and Internal IS.

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