reverse function of BrokerEvent.toString(), a kind of adl pa

Is there some solution in order to parse readable String representation of BrokerEvent object?

Actually, I wrote some logging function for Enterprise Server, and I write the failed event(document) into RDB in form of readable String generated by BrokerEvent.toString() method.

I want to republish these data. but I can’t find out how I can recover the event object from readable String representation.

Thank you for your attention.

There is an easier approach. Add another column to your table to store the binary representation of the event. Use BrokerEvent.toBinData() to get a binary array representation of the event. Then, use BrokerEvent.fromBinData() to recreate the BrokerEvent for republish.

Have you looked into using the Logger and Integration Monitor?

What you are trying to do sounds like functionality that is provided by these facilities…


I have taken similar approach but ran into this problem.

My custom java client subscribes the specified Broker Events. I have converted Broker Events to Binary Array Data using webMethods API. Then I inserted this Binary Array Data into Oracle Database as BLOB using setBinaryStream.

In order to Re-Publish certain events I have retreived the BLOB using getBLOB. I also used an input stream to read data from the table using blob.getBinaryStream.

Does any one has done something similar or have any suggestions please.

Thanks in advance.