Reusing XML Schemas refered inside WSDL

Hi, I have a situation where i am developing multiple webservice consumer/provider from with WSDL first apprtoach.

  • So different WSDLs are using same Schemas for Structure of IP/OP.
  • When i import the WSDL into wM, it would create the ISDOC corresponding to Schemas refered in WSDL.
  • This would end of creating the IS DOC of same structure multiple times, once for each WSDL Import.

So Any suggestion how we can reuse the DOC types may be by referring reusable ISDOC types.


embedding the business XML structure in the WS interface is not a good practice. Instead, You can just have one string field: payload (or ISDoc) in the WS interface. Then you have separate code to parse the string into xml structure.
This way you can reuse the same xml definition as you want.

This will also avoid publishing the WSDL again (not mentioning all clients need updates) when your business documents changed.