Return query result without "ino:id"

How can I return the query result without the “ino:id” attribute added by the Tamino

Use XQuery and not X-Query.

TXMLObjectAccessor accessor = connection.newXMLObjectAccessor( TAccessLocation.newInstance(COLLECTION), TDOMObjectModel.getInstance() );

TXQuery xquery = new TXQuery(“for $q in input()/Account return $q”);
TResponse response = accessor.xquery(xquery);

Vikram Shinde

thanks. But I am using x-query, which is xpath query.
Do you know anything about that?

Yes this is possible with TQuery as well.
In Tamino version 421 (API version this feature is available. You can set a preference through which ino:id attribute defination can be ignored.
For Example –

//Set preference that you don’t want ino:id attributes in TXMLObject
TPreference preference = TPreference.getInstance();

TQuery query = new TQuery(“/Account”);
TResponse response = accessor.query(query);

TXMLObjectIterator iterator = response.getXMLObjectIterator();

while (iterator.hasNext())
TXMLObject object =;
Element element = (Element)object.getElement();
//Note that this element won’t contain any ino:id attribute

Vikram Shinde