Return provider response(Exit all parrent flow) from child flow

Is there anyway to exit all parent flow from a child flow?

I have a provider for “demo1” flow, in demo1 It call a flow named “flowChild”
image image
Can I return response for provider by writing logic in “flowChild”

There is no way to exit parent flow from child flow , is same with java, you cannot return a parrent function when running in child function

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In FlowChild you can add an output variable to which you can map your response data.

When calling exit in flow child this will only exit from flowChild without completing the implementation after the exit step.


I don’t think it’s applicable to many situations, but you could use a Java service to throw a That would force everything to stop all the way up call stack until it ran into some kind of catch block (or ran out of things to fail out of).

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