Retry Factor Setting with no effect

Hi Community,
we are sending out PIPs via PRT and TN Console. Now, to protect against failures due to unresponsiveness or short outages we have set the following properties in the TN Console 6.5 profile:
Delivery Maximum Retries: 5
Wait Between Retries: 60000 ms
Retry Factor: 3

I would expect TN Console to resend the document within the following intervals:
1min - 3min - 9min - 27min - 81min

In myWebMethods I can see that the process model for this PIP resends the doc 5 times - each within 60s. Do I need to change the process model to make the Retry work?


Instead of configuring in TN console, you can add the property of send step in Process model.

set Retry count= 4 (If any failure it will try 5 times) -
Default is =0 , it will try 1 times.

thanks for the fast reply! The retry-property in the model is set to four. I am not wondering about the number of retries, I just do not know why the “Retry Factor” setting of 3 is not having any effect on the amount of time between the retries…

The “Delivery Maximum Retries” and the “Wait Between Retries” Properties are working as expected. Only the “Retry Factor” has no effect at all - no matter to what value I set it.

There seems to be a similar known issue with TN 4.6 and 6.5 (SR-1-43226003). Any experiences with this patch?