retrive monitor document results from a flow service

We want a flow service to achive below scenerio.

1:Documents on Monitor
2:when we search based on a field value from flow service (Ex:Assume that we have a document called PurchaseOrder and a field in that document is POnumber) result should be documents related to that PO or the timestamp of those documents in the monitor.

I think we can achive this using wmMonitor package in-built services but don’t know where to start. Please let me know if you come across this scenerio.

Thanks in advance…


There is an work around for this…We can do this by using in-built services in wMMonitor package. Follow below steps (below services are from wMMonitor package)
1: get the list of documents based on the document name using pub.getList()
2: get the document from pub.getDocument() this restores the pipeLine.

we can go ahead with the process.

I thought it may helps someone else.