Retrieving XML files from Tamino

Presently I am trying to retrieve and modify xml files from a database. The snippet that has been giving me problems is:

var dbname=“http://localhost/tamino/xmldb/ino:etc”;
var QueryObj;
var QueryResult;
var itemSelected;
var zip;
var xqlResult;
var QueryVal=’/ME’;
var pageSize=12;

QueryObj = new TaminoClient(dbname, pageSize);
QueryResult = QueryObj.query(QueryVal);
var nodeList=xqlResult.childNodes();
The error that it is showing is:

Error = ‘TaminoClient’ is undefined

Could anyone help me please??

Thanx a million,

Hi, you have to include the TaminoLib.js library which can be found in the “SDK\JScript API” directory under your Tamino installation directory. So in your HTML, you can do the following:

Hi, Sorry I forgot to add that I had included the TaminoLib.js library before I posted the original message. And I got the mentioned error message. Could it be that the program couldn’t find the the database? I installed Tamino in my local drive…


If you get the error “‘TaminoClient’ is not defined”, this means that the TaminoLib.js has not been found or not loaded. Has your browser cached your html file and you are still looking at an old version?

Hi, I think i know the problem. I placed the TaminoLib.js in the same directory as my htm file and the error msg was found. Thx a million…:>