Retrieving plain Password for Directory Service User in MWS?


I have an issue where I configured LDAP directory service in DEV environment and then lost the plain password for it. Now I have to create the same in higher environment. All I can in MWS DB is this DES encrypted password.

Is there anyway that I can decrypt this password in any java program (for which I sure need to know the passkey) or any straight method to create the connection with this encrypted key?

I can ask the LDAP team to reset the password, but then I need to restart the servers which i don’t want to at this point.

Any ideas???


Did you find a way or just requested for a password reset? I am running into similar issue.

Have you tried to use the encrypted password instead of actual password?

Please check once and update me whether u will be able to login or not.

Also try the below option as well…

  • go to the ldap configured page in MWS, open a view source and try to get the password from that page ( it’s encrypted one)

  • Use this password to connect LDAP directory.

Please update once u verified.

  • Krish