Retrieving getLastWriteTime & getFirstWriteTime using JAVA API

I’m writing a code to retrive queuedepth, getLastWriteTime & getFirstWriteTime using JAVA API. I’ve done this for queue but unable to get this work for Durable Subscribers using nDurableNode. Any help on this?

Hi @Vinod_Rodricks1,
Equivalent methods are available on nDurbaleNode.

nDurableNode.getDepth() return The number of events outstanding for this particular Durable. For non-shared durables this method returns an estimation of the outstanding events. This estimation does not include unacknowledged, purged and filtered events.
nDurableNode.getLastWriteTime() - The time that the durable was last written to, typically this is the last time an event was added to the durable
unfortunately there is no getFirstTime API available now.
If you can not find these APIs/APIs are not working as expected then can you share more details like the version, error message etc.