Nirvana API : How to get Last Read and Last Write from a durable

Hi everyone.

We are using the nirvana API to get the outstanding events from Universal Messaging and notify us via email.

But, after an issue that we had here, we would like to recover the Last Read and the Last Write values from a durable. You can see these values on the screenshot that I’m attaching on this topic.

I did a read on this link searching for some method to get this properties but I didn’t find anything. I’m tried to use the namedObject Object but there is nothing there about what I need.

Please, I would like to know if there is a way of doing this.

Thank you!

Use the UM Admin API method nDurableNode.getLastReadTime() to obtain the timestamp of the durable subscriber last read operation.

Docs link:

Hi Mr. Mahesh. Thank you for your response.

In addition, we would like to monitor our CPU usage from this API. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Not that I am aware of but you can get the CPU usage via some linux scripts/batch. Did you give a try?