Retrieving all nonXML files and saving them in filesystem


I need to extract all nonXML files (about 2600) from my Tamino Database (Version and save them in a directory. Is there any tool to do it in a batch process?

Thanks in advance for the answer(s).


From SMH, sellect collection and doctype and use the UNLOAD function to extract the documents. Sellect output folder and user no filtering to retrieve all existing non-xml documents. Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion, Daniel. But I’m afraid it didn’t work.

I’m not working directly with Tamino but with an application that puts data into Tamino. It saves nonXML docs into a group of instances called ino:nonXML in ino:etc collection. The group doesn’t appear in SMH.

NonXML fields in my XML docs refer to an instance in that group. I’ve tried to unload my XML docs to see if I can get the nonXML as well, but I don’t.

Hi Juan,
I have only tested this with 441 but as far as I remember this already worked with 4.2.

You should have a look at the documentation for the commandline utility INOLOAD(which is the same utility that is called from SMH but only with some additional parameters when you use commandline)
See documentation "Using the Data Loader from the Command Line Interface "

I unloaded a number of nonXML with this commandline…

“C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\bin\inoload”
-function unload -database div441 -collection div/ino:nonXML
-output c:\temp\ -outputformat multifiles

This problem you might run into is if there is no ino:docname, then you will get a filename like #doc321.xls but this depends on how the nonXMLs have been stored.

regards Finn

In Tamino 4.4, ino:nonXML is shown in SMH.
Please note that Tamino 4.2 is out of maintenance, and please consider upgrading to 4.4